Bicycle Rental

Bicycle Rental   Bicycle Rental   Norrfällsviken is in the heart of Höga Kusten (High Coast) and is offering an incredibly beautiful nature, as we highly suggest you to discover. For you to be able to experience as much as possible during your visit here in Norrfällsviken, we have electric bikes you can rent during the day. Choose between our packages down below.   Our electric bikes have 250 W engine power, 7 gears and electric guidance which ease your cycling uphills. Rent a whole day: 295 SEK/bike

Rent a half day: 165 SEK/bike

While renting a bike, a helmet is of course included!


Buy a picnic package to your cyckling trip!

Picnic package: 125 SEK/person

In a picnic package it includes, beverage, lunch, fruit/snack and "fika".


Bicycle rental is avaliable for both hotel guests and for you who visit Norrfällsviken of other reason.